What to do in Florence during summer

If your place is too warm and you can’t stand the idea of lying on the bed drinking cool water, you might want to check out what’s up in Florence.


During summer there’s plenty of activities you might try, from a movie in a square to an evening run… let’s have an overwiev on the things to do!

Movie nights
In July and August a lot of italian cities organize summer movie nights in squares and parks: most of them are for free and most of them, thanks to the Bologna-based institute “Il cinema ritrovato”, are restored masterpiece in original language.
In Florence there are two open space cinemas for the moment: one is in the park near the Stadium, in the green and quiet Campo di Marte neighborhood, where you can enjoy some old movie while having a drink as well. Look for the program by searching “Cinema Light”. The entrance is free!

In the same zone you will also find two other movie areas: it’s the “Arena di Marte”, divided in small and big. The big one offers most successful last year’s movies; the small one offers a “d’essai” program,

with all the movies that you can’t normally find in the halls. Entrance costs from 5 to 6 euros.

It’s not over – there is another one: the “Apriti Cinema” program, totally free – most of the program is in a foreign language, subtitled in italian and english. It offers a sneak peek on all cultures’ cinema, from the African to the Japanese, with a large number of session focused on a particular theme (writers, women, documentaries).

It takes place in the central area of Santissima Annunziata square: it does not have a lot of places so assure yourself to be there well in advance if you really want to sit!

Running in parks
When the sun starts descending you might enjoy a jogging hour: the city is still really warm, but worry not… Florence is full of green areas.
Campo di Marte gardens are one option, probably the best for those who live in Cure or Stadium area, but there are also the “Ventaglio” park and the “Area Pettini Burresi”.

Then, there is of course the Cascine park, the biggest one, in the northern zone.
Another very useful and suggestive park is “Parco dell’Anconella”, between the AnconellaVerrazzano and the Varlungo bridges.
On the other side of the bridge you’ll find the Carraia park; and right near Piazzale Michelangelo you can try yourself with a run in Bobolino – the youngest brother of Boboli – and enjoy the view.

And of course if you prefer to relax no one stops you from bringing a towel and lie on the grass with a good book. You might want to bring also a mosquito stick, though.

Art exhibitions
One for all this time – is free and it’s in one of the beautiest spots in Florence: it’s Gormley’s ‘Human’ art exhibition. Pixelated or sort-of-melted men stand out against the sky in the wonderful Forte Belvedere.258ee2700b8562b5d51ebf2117179b3d_XL
You have to arrive there by foot, and it’s a bit of an effort, so bring water and go at sunset: the effect is wonderful and you will not sweat your skin out.

“Human” is not the only art show in Florence, but aside from the most famous in the old palaces and museums, we suggest you to take a look in the many galleries around the city. Sometimes they can really be surprising.

Then of course, if you want to get acquainted with the city first, you can follow us on facebook, take a look at our blog and our page and book a tour: we will show you why is Florence so unforgettable – and you’ll forget the heat!