Visit Italy in Spring

Visit Italy in Spring!

Cold and snowy days in Italy are these ones! And yet, spring is alle porte and trees already know it! Blossoming with the first flowers of 2018, they are indeed leading us in the best season of the year in Italy: spring!

Visit Italy in Spring

While summer can be quite hot and winter quite cold, spring and autumn are just the perfect time for a relaxing holiday in Italy. Rome, Florence, Milan…any of the wonderful Italian cities will have a great experience to offer you! If you need an extra help organizing the best holiday in Italy check out our tours around Rome, Florence, Milan!


Temperatures are going to be just mild and pleasant, the green spaces of the cities will be at its best and crowds of tourists yet not so populated. But above everything, we have lots of traditional festivities such as Pasqua (Eastern 1st of April), the Republic Day (25th of April) and Labours Day (1st of May) so if you look for them, you will be able to enjoy some local celebrations! Spring in ItalyCheck out the main squares and newspaper to find out what’s out there! You are likely to find concerts, traditional processions and gatherings. Just to give you some hints: you can assist to the Scoppio del Carro in Florence: a cart, packed full of fireworks and other pyrotechnics, is lit in front of the famous Duomo. In Rome on the Friday before Eastern, the Pope celebrates the Via Crucis.  He leads a procession carrying a huge cross with burning torches.  On Easter day, you can also take part in the biggest mass ever, celebrated by the Pope at Saint Peter’s Basilica. Milan doesn’t lose the opportunity to be cosmopolitan: instead of local traditions, you will find the great design week


Spring in Italy

Spring is also when sagras start! (Sagra is a local gathering mainly focused on specialities of the area). Among the most famous ones: asparagus in Treviso and artichokes in Paestum. Last but not least, it is not high season yet, so prices are still reasonably low! It is definetely the best time to enjoy our tours! Check out what we have for you!