Some tips if you’re planning to visit the Expo 2015 in Milan

You’d like to visit the Expo 2015 in Milan, but you’re still confused? To make it easier, in this post you’ll find some tips if you’re planning to visit the Expo 2015 in Milan.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele  II Milan (from Google)

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Milan (from Google)

In this period the entire planet talks about Milan! Our beautiful city has been ranked as 2015’s #1 top destination by the New York Times and #3 by the Lonely Planet…not bad! Within a few months Milan will be shining, ready to embrace the expected 20 million of visitors, there’s no better moment to visit  Milan!

Expo site

Expo site

Remember, Expo will last 6 months, between May 1st and October 31st and the busiest months are expected to be the first and the last ones. First of all,  try to book your services in advance, flights  can be purchased on a cheaper rate and you can choose between a wider choice of accommodations.

Expo mascotte

Expo mascotte

Done? Now buy the Expo ticket! Tickets can be purchased directly through the official website and – good news – buying your tickets in advance, you get a 20% discount. You can choose between open date tickets for 32€ or for a fixed date for 27€!   To get to the city center, check out our post here, and to get to the site a transportation system is getting ready, as the website says: “The Site is easily accessible by international and local travelers alike through a highly connected transportation system”.

Milan Segway Tour

Milan Segway Tour

Ok, now that you know everything about Expo, start thinking about how to fill the other days in Milan! What’s better than beginning with a super cool 3 hour Milan Segway Tour? You’ll be introduced to highlights of the city by one of our enthusiastic guides and will have fun on the Segway!

We assume that if you’re interested in the Expo, you might be a foodie ;-), so what’s better than to join a  Milan Food Walking Tour in the charming Brera district, strolling around tasting delicious food and talking with your local guide about  Italian culture.

The Duomo - Rooftop (from Google)

The Duomo – Rooftop (from Google)

There’s nothing more fascinating than seeing the city from above, climbing on the Cathedral’s Terraces and wandering through statues and gargoyles. Seize the opportunity by booking our latest tour, the Milan’s Duomo and Terraces Tour.

To visit the new, shining skyscraper district, we suggest you to book our Milan Segway Night Tour.

If you want to enter the Expo mood and see how the building of the site is  going on, then follow the official fanpage on Facebook, where you can see pictures of the works in progress directly  from Expo site!

See you at Expo Milano 2015!