The Best Panoramas in Rome

Rome is regarded as the most beautiful city in the world by many Italian travelers and by Italians themselves. Experiencing Rome is a massive sensory treat and almost overwhelming with incredible beauty. One of the activities you should do while you are here is enjoy the city from above, soak in all the beauty with a view. Here are our picks on where to go for the best panoramas in Rome:

Panorama-Rome-Parco-Savello Giardino degli Aranci (also known as Parco Savello)- Translated as The Garden of the Oranges, The Giardino is a park located behind the ancient Basilica of Santa Sabina and nearby the Piazza Pietro d’Illiria. This is coined as THE romantic date spot in Rome and it is not uncommon to see couples strolling through here in order to catch a sunset soaked view of Rome’s most stunning monuments, domes and colorful rooftops from above. The garden also affords enchanting perfumes of exotic flowers and mandarin citrus fruits. This is definitely a speck of natural refuge from the busy city center. The park also hosts a variety of cultural events such as concerts and theatrical productions.   If you want to enjoy on of the most amazing views over Rome from the Giardino degli Aranci book a Segway Rome Tours!


Vittoriano-RomaVittoriano Museum Complex (also known as Altare della Patria)- In Piazza Venezia, smack dab in the center of Rome lies a massive monument that some refer to as “The wedding cake” which was built to honor Victor Emmanuel II, the 1st king of united Italy. It is possible to take a lift up to the top for those seeking a skyline panorama of Rome from a extremely central location. You can also visit the site’s museums before or after your trip to the top of the king’s altar “wedding cake.” Pretty soon, the zone of the Colosseum and the Imperial Forum will become a pedestrian-only zone so from the top, you may not have any vehicles in your view! The Local is keeping tabs on the latest Roman project by Mayor Ignazio Marino to pedestrianize the Colosseum and the Imperial Forum.

Pincian-Hill-Rome Pincian Hill at Villa Borghese- The gardens at Villa Borghese are a sight on their own and this should already be on your “must-see in Rome” list. At Pincian hill, you have a front row seat view of Piazza del Popolo and Villa Medici from the 1st public garden ever built in Rome. Not to miss! Find it on the map and review by Lonely Planet.

Piazza di Spagna- At the top of 137 elegant stairs, also known as the spanish steps, is where you can enjoy a free view of Rome in a common gathering place for locals and tourists alike. Bring a snack and sit down for a while, watch the sunset and don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers, too. In May, the steps are lined with gorgeous spring azaleas to accompany your fabulous panorama of Rome.

ColleGianicoloRoma Colle del Gianicolo- For an unreal view of Rome, unreal because you will feel frozen in a beautiful dream, head over to the Trastevere district for a view of Rome from the top of Gianicolo (the highest hill in Rome.) Your vision will be delighted with colors, skyline, monuments, trees, pines and much more. You can reach the “Colle” by foot or by bus which goes all the way up Via Garibaldi. If you are a social media addict like us, you can check in at the peak of Gianicolo on foursquare and see what over a thousand other visitors have to say!

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