Ten things to do in Florence

 Believe us, there are more than just 10 things to do in Florence. Florence is such a romantic city exploding with Renaissance art, food, wine, culture. Be careful, you may fall in love with her and never want to return! We want to show you all the secrets of this city while making sure you experience the must-sees that make this city such a famous destination. In our humble opinion, these are the top ten things to do in Florence that you must do on your next Italian holiday vacation. As always, our tips and tricks are suitable for everyone- couples, families, puppies, solo vagabonders, kittens, groups, pensioners, you name it! Okay, maybe the kittens wouldn’t do so well per se on one of our guided segway tours of Florence, but we are working on kitty segways! Kidding! Okay, here you go with our pick of ten things to do in Florence:

1) Dome of Florence 

View of the duomo

View of the duomo

The Duomo! The Duomo is by far the stunning sight of Renaissance magic. It is what defines Florence in almost every postcard you see. Inside this architectural masterpiece, there are well-preserved frescos that depict scenes from The Last Judgement so vivid they will give you goosebumps. Since this is quite possibly the #1 attraction in the city, beat the lines and book the skip the line Brunelleschi tour! Especially if you are travelling in the warmer months, booking a guided tour of the Duomo is a must! Plus with this and any guided tour, you will learn much more than just sightseeing without any context. Get educated in a fun way with a tour (and beat the lines)!

2) Uffizi Galleries

Many art professionals, even the most eclectic academics who usually snub their nose towards the clichè, will hands down tell you that the best museum in the world is the Uffizi gallery despite its renowned fame all over the world. Uffizi means offices and within this museum, there are several offices practically glowing with the worlds most prized masterpieces. The highlights that everyone knows about are the pieces by Michelangelo, Botticelli (The Birth of Venus!!), Caravaggio and Leonardo De Vinci. In addition to paintings, the gallery is adorned with frescoes, sculptures and artifacts. Beat the lines by booking tickets online here: http://www.uffizi.firenze.it/en/index.php You can supplement your art experience by taking a gander of the Uffizi through the google art project website! http://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/collection/uffizi-gallery?projectId=art-project&hl=nl.  This will never replace the real experience of visiting and seeing these works in the flesh, but it will give you a microscope into what you will find.

3) Accademia

Everyone knows the Accademia for The David statue and there are many many jokes about its size and nature, but it is also another piece of art you must be stunned by on your holiday in Florence. You can book and reserve tickets with the same link that was listed for the Uffizi museum, don’t waste your vacation queuing!!

4 ) Piazzale Michelangelo

Just past the Ponte Vecchio in the Oltrarno district, lies above a famous square with a breathtaking view of the whole Renaissance capital. Walk up a few flights of stairs from Piazza San Niccolò and you’re there. Make sure you pack a small picnic and on the steps overlooking this magnificent city- toast with a glass of bubbly. This is a total must-do especially for any photographer, the view changes dramatically as the sun rises or sets. From here you can see all of the major sites like the Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio and even the hillside town of Fiesole!  Some nights there are busker performers to make this square a lively outdoor hangout, even after the picturesque sunset.

pontevecchio5) Ponte Vecchio

Florence is divided by the river Arno and is connected by various bridges, most of which were destroyed during world war II. Ponte Vecchio was the only bridge that survived and today retains its original bits. The remaining bridges had to be rebuilt. The Ponte Vecchio (old bridge) was a center for commerce which is why today you find many gold and jewelry merchants which reflect the bridge’s history. One of the many stops on a guided Segway Tour in Florence!

6) Florence Wine Tastingredwineiragelb

Florence is wine heaven. Wine is at times, cheaper than water. And you will probably be able to taste that it’s cheap, too. There are too many places that serve bad wine. With us, we will show you the wine bars and shops where the local winos go. Take a wine tasting tour with the locals at Italy Segway Tours and learn about the best wines, how to taste them and where to find the best wines in Florence. Plus, wine tasting on a vacation in Florence? How fun is that?

7) Museo del Bargello

The Bargello is a national sculpture museum in Florence. This museum in certain ways is underappreciated in the tourist guidebooks but should not go unseen if you have come all the way across the pond to visit Florence! Florence is touted for its Renaissance art but did you know it is also home to some very well sought out gothic pieces, too? The Bargello used to be a prison, bet you didn’t know that either! The Bargello has the largest collection of both Renaissance AND gothic sculptures of stone, metal, ivory, bronze and much more. Give yourself at least 2 hours to absorb and explore this art lover mecca of hand carved masterpieces.

logo-Italy-by-segway8) Florence Segway Tour 

Now that you are overloaded with art, glide through the city on a fun segway tour! Florence is perfect for pedestrians, bicyclists and of course segways! There are many streets that are off-limits to cars which makes it easy to explore all the beautiful sights, famous squares (like Santa Croce, Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza della Signoria!) in Florence with your entertaining English-speaking local guide. On a guided segway tour, one of the stops includes visiting a boar for good luck, no joke!

9) Tuscany Bike Tour

Pretend like you are one of the hardcore cyclists of Giro d’Italia with a bicycle tour in Tuscany! Don’t be intimidated, you don’t have to train like those guys to be in shape for this tour. Almost anyone (at every fitness level) can take this tour by bike with ease! You will be able to witness the iconic rolling green lush Tuscan hills, breath in the aromatic countryside and witness some of nature’s most undisturbed beauty, while of course discovering the finest wines and olive oils on this planet. Of course food and wine is included in your day trip with an expert local tour guide! This is the best tour for the adventurous and active bike loving foodie.


Do you love ice cream? Well, get ready to gain about 10 pounds because Florence has the best gelato in Italy. Okay, we live in Florence and perhaps may be biased but it is said by locals that Florence is the home of gelato, which is not ice-cream exactly. It is artisan whipped milk with various spices, custards, fruits, nuts, chocolates or even cheese! Yes, these is such a thing as gelato made with pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese) with walnuts and honey or gorgonzola and pear. As I said before, Florence is a mecca of gelato parlors- so how do you choose? Yes, there are a lot of tourist trap gelaterie (gelato shops), as major destination cities are bound to be struck by touristic snake oil salesmen. Did you hear about the 16 euro gelato in Rome? Only in Italy can gelato become a scandal!  But on a gelato tour, with us as your Florence ambassadors, we will take you on a tour to taste the best gelato from the highest quality artisan producers who make seasonal gelato by hand, from scratch with flavors to make your taste buds smile. Oh, you’ll be too busy cooing over your delicious gelato to smile.

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