San Frediano neighbourhood in Florence: from popular to cool

Florentine new hipster neighborhood: San Frediano

Thanks to L0nely Planet, this less known part of our city is soon to become one the next touristic destinations!

San Frediano Florence

It has already made the news: Florentine San Frediano is one of the coolest neighbourhood of the world! Never heard of it? No wander! People from Florence call it Oltrarno or Di là d’Arno. Arno is  the river that divides Florence in two parts: di qua d’Arno (literally this side of the river, which you will know everything about if you join our Florence Tours) and di là d’Arno (literally beyond the river), the first one being the touristic and majestic one –  with Brunelleschi’s Dome and Palazzo Vecchio –  the second one home of all the artisans and popular shops. Il quartiere di San Frediano takes its name from the original Medieval door which still stands as a trace of the old structure of the city. Florence has still all of its ancient doors standing, while the ancient walls were teared down during the urban developments of the 19th century.

san frediano florence

After few “dark” years during which most of the local shops closed down, this neighbourhood came back to its sparkling and bustling soul, with new and old handcraft workshops opening their doors to tourists and locals, Florentine designers and fashion shops and new cafes and bars. Out of all the touristic routes, the best way of visiting San Frediano is without a tour. You can visit the rest of our beautiful city along with us with our Florence Tours  and then spend the rest of your day chilling out in any of the neighbourhood’s cafes, observing Italian life passing by. Do not forget to visit Santa Maria del Carmine’s Church though, with its famous Cappella Brancacci, painted by two of the most famous Renaissance artists: Masaccio and Masolino.

san frediano florence


Just few steps away, Santo Spirito Church hosts the very first masterpiece (unknown to the most) of Michelangelo. Santo Spirito square is also a great place to hang out at daytime and nightime alike, with its local bars and trattorie.  On Saturday mornings, it hosts also one of the best open air market in town! Don’t loose anything of the Florentine vibes! Only the one who wanders will get lost ;)!