A rooftop with a view: Rome, Florence and Milan

Well well, you have been to Italy, or you’re in Italy now, and you’ve found every nicest spot in town, every corner, every romantic view… and yet you feel you missed “the whole”?

That’s what you can do if you’re in Rome, Florence and Milan: climb up the monuments and enjoy the rooftops!

In Milan, the best way to find an amazing view of the city, is going up the Dome. This stunning gothic building overlooks the very historical center with its white, impressive steeples and the great facade: ever wondered how it looks on the top? Jump the queue with us, discover the secrets of the Dome and its wonders, and enjoy the amazing panorama losing yourself between the spires and the marble, with a closer look at the incredible sculptures populating the Duomo and representing mysterious animals, monsters and other peculiar subjects!

You will definitely feel like you’re the king of the world, watching the peculiar mixture between modern and ancient – the skyscrapers and the spires, the old and the new – and the tiny crowd behind you. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss.


rooftop milan

If you’re in Florence, you cannot miss the 463 steps that will bring you at the top of the Santa Maria Del Fiore Dome: it’s a narrow climb, but if you take your time and you’re prepared, you will discover the beauty of a building that has come through so many years. Once you’re on the outside, you will se the entire city with its red terracotta bricks on the roofs, and its stunning monuments, and the green Fiesole, San Miniato… only by walking around the magnificent secular rooftop. I promise, you will feel like you’re Leonardo Da Vinci, or Brunelleschi, planning their next masterpiece.

rooftop florence

What about Rome then? Of course you should go to Piazza san Pietro and discover the Cathedral, but the better sight is actually somewhere else, right into the heart of the ancient rome: enjoy the view from the Vittoriano’s rooftop and re-discover the beauty of Rome! This massive building is the younger of those we’re talking about. The Vittoriano, located in the impressive area of the Fori Romani, looks like the modern response to the ancient Roman’s glory: from its terrace you’ll be a contemporary Caesar, watching in a glance all the epoques and all the wonders of such a magnificent city.

rooftop rome

So, what you’re waiting for? Prepare your camera and… be ready to soak up all the beauty you can!