Pope Francis in Florence

Tomorrow is a special day in Florence: Pope Francis the First will move from Vatican City towards the City of the Renaissance.
This Pope, as you know, is very beloved by both worshippers and non religious, because of his friendly and open attitude.


Anyway, to see a Pope moving from Rome is a very rare occasion, and Florence will be turned upside down by the changes of traffic ways, the restricted accesses to a lot of areas and the security enforcements.

For those who want to follow Pope Bergoglio’s movements, here a general program:

He will leave Vatican City at 7 in the morning, arriving in Prato and visiting the local Cathedral, then he will hold a speech for the local chinese community there, which is very compact and conspicuous.

After that he will move to Florence by helicopter, landing on Campo Di Marte’s Artemio Franchi Stadium.
From there, by car and in disguise, he will move to Piazza San Marco, in the very center of Florence (if you made some of our tours, you knew) and he will finally take place on the so-called “Papa-Mobile“.


Around 10 in the morning, he will move towards the Dome, visit the Cathedral and the Baptistry and then he will hold his speech to the those who gathered at the Permanent council of the Italian bishops conference at the Vatican.

After the speech he will visit the Santissima Annunziata Church to pray in a restricted council of observants, then he will have lunch into a homeless shelter nearby.

Around 2:30 pm Francis the 1st will go at the Stadium, where a simple but majestic “open aired church” has been built for his open Mass. The Crucifix on the altar is a masterpiece of the 14° Century, and the whole architecture has been designed with precise suggestions from the Catholic Art through the centuries.


Unfortunately tickets are required to assist – due to the massive presence -, but there will be 2 maxi-screens in the city center to follow the Pope’s movements: one in Piazza Santa Croce and one in Piazza Della Signoria.

There will also be some parades in the city center’s streets, all heading towards the stadium; and a pilgrimage that will be jointed there.
It’s actually a very interesting day, also for those who belongs to other confessions, because it can show some cultural aspects of Italy and of Catholicism that aren’t really known if you don’t belong here.

Just be careful: Florence will be basically locked to cars from 8 in the morning until 6 pm (in the center, 8 pm near the stadium)! Put on the most comfortable shoes you have and join the crowd – it will worth it!