Piazza della Repubblica in Florence: a Roman square

A multifunctional square: home of artists, musicians, cafes, entertainment for children and a meeting point for locals and tourists. Piazza della Repubblica is one of the main squares in Florence and yet it is one of the newest in the city.

The arch that you see nowadays was built just over 150 years ago, which is pretty new for the city’s standards, which hosts many traces of its medieval times.

piazza della repubblica florence

But this square is nothing as it used to look. Even for the Roman city of Florentia it was one of the most important points of the city! It was indeed right in Piazza della Repubblica where the Roman forum of the city stood! The forum was where the cardus and the decumanus maximi (the main streets of the city) met. The Colonna della Dovizia, which nowadays stands in the square, symbolizes the Roman legacy of this square. It dates to 1431, but the statue on top is a copy and the original is in the bank Cassa di Risparmio in via dell’Oriuolo. You can find out more about it during our Florence city tours!

Piazza della repubblica florence

During the medieval times in the area that the present square covers, there was a bustling market, many houses (case torri, medieval towers hosting families homes) and the Jewish Ghetto.

The square managed to retained its medieval look up until the 18th century, when Florence was chosen as the capital city of Italy. During that short period – Florence was the capital of Italy only between the 1865 and the 1871 – the city lost many important remains of the medieval times.

Piazza della Repubblica was completely “cleaned up”  and its medieval towers, churches, workshops, homes were destroyed. What you will see today while touring around Florence is thus the “modern” representation of the city in the eyes of the18th century architects, which is indeed quite contrasting with the architecture of the other famous Florentine’s squares! You’ll get the chance to admire the major Florentine squares in our Florence city tour!

Piazza della repubblica firenze

Piazza della Repubblica in nowadays Florence is the right place to listen to some music, visit some 18th style cafes and have a pleasant lunch while overlooking at the bustling crowd of tourists and locals passing by what still is an important crossing point of the city!