Meet your local guide in Rome: Raffa!

Hi, my name is Raffa!c

Hi, my name is Raffa!

Meet your local guide in Rome: Raffa! She’s in love with her city and can’t wait to take you around and show the beauty and wonders of Rome, the great food and monuments that must be visited!

Name: Raffaella, Raffa for friends!

Nationality and city of residence: I’m 100% Roman native.

Name of tour you lead and where: Mostly I lead segway tours but I do also food and walking tours!

Your favorite part of the tour:  The excited eyes of the travellers in front of Rome’s richness, heritage and beauty.

Favorite local restaurant in your city: To be honest… it’s my mom’s kitchen! But if I can’t go at her place, I love “Serafini alla Pace” they have amazing artichokes, super yummy amatriciana, and incredibly thick lasagna! If I’m at work or in that area, I enjoy lunches at ‘Birreria peroni’ (who hasn’t heard of Italian beer “Peroni”?) its food is simple but rich. Oh and if you want a special dinner (like those I take after a segway night tour), the must is a plate of spaghetti al dente by  “L’archetto” in their basement…

One thing visitors to my city can’t miss: Well, obviously a Segway Tour 😉

This is the view from the "wedding cake" building!

This is the view from the “wedding cake” building!

Jokes aside, I think that the breathtaking view from the Vittoriano’s terrace – the so called ‘wedding cake’ – is a must-see: from here your eyes go over roofs, domes and Rome’s skyline, the city reveals herself from many different corners and sights and at 360° degrees.  From here you get the illusion to see all the way to Rome’s outline and you feel like you could grab her and understand her a bit more…but it’s just a dream: ‘cause for Rome a lifetime isn’t enough! To know her you have to come over and again, get lost and study, taste her, love her beauty, history, and definitely being patient with her flaws!

What’s your travel mantra? Travel and bring home a richer soul.

What’s next on your travel bucket list? Gerusalem and New York: extreme history and extreme…big apple… ??? 🙂

How can one resist to "Tiramisu"??

How can one resist to “Tiramisu”??

What is your favorite italian city to travel to? Florence, which is less chaotic than Rome and a little bon bon… The city is like an open air museum, the birthplace of renaissance as well as the celebrity of an other precious chapter of our Italian history.

What’s your best travel tip for those coming to visit italy? Do things, taste everything, go slowly and get lost. Also, go against the flow: come during the low season, when the city is not crowded and opens-up just for the few real Italian lovers! 💙

What’s the food that someone must try in your city before leaving? The “pasta alla carbonara” and mouthwatering “tiramisu”

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had on one of your tours?  The time I witnessed a marriage proposal at Trevi fountain while I was on our segway night tour! How romantic is that?!

Posing with my group!

Posing with my group!

What do you like most about leading tours? It’s really a big role to play: every time is a different adventure that gives me energy from the people I meet. I spend just 3 hours with people I take care as my sisters or brothers and our time toghether has to be memorable! Their thrilled faces make me the happiest guide in town!!