Meet your local guide in Florence: Marzia!

"Hi, my name is Marzia!"

“Hi, my name is Marzia!”

Meet your local guide in Florence: Marzia!

If you’re visiting Florence you cannot skip a guided tour, the cradle of Renaissance has so much to offer that you need an expert to guide you and Marzia is your guy! Not originally from Florence she moved into town because she loves art and this city, isn’t she the perfect person? Keep reading and you’ll be conviced!


Name: Hello everybody, I’m Marzia!

Nationality and City of residence: I’m Italian and I moved to Florence 9 years ago.

Name of tour you lead and where: I lead segway and bike tours in Florence.

If you are not from the city you are based in for tours, what originally brought you there? I decided to move to Florence to follow my biggest interest, Renaissance Art. I’m still here, falling in love over again with this amazing city.

"Preparing a cup of Gelato-Bollente" so yummy...

“Preparing a cup of Gelato-Bollente” so yummy…

Your favorite part of the tour: I really like to see the amazed faces of the tourists in front of Florence’s spectacular masterpieces.

Favorite Local Restaurant in your city: My favorite place is called” Trattoria Baldini” and it’s a little bit outside the city center, away from the crowd. If you go there, you can’t miss the Gelato bollente “hot icecream”, is vanilla gelato with melted chocolate. Delicious!!!

One thing visitors to my city can’t miss: the amazing view of Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo, and I can’t wait to bring my tourists up there, on our new Expert Segway Tour (coming April 2018!).


"Tortelli Mugellani al ragù" just looking at it it makes your tummy go yum!

“Tortelli Mugellani al ragù” just looking at it it makes your tummy go yum!

What’s the food that someone must try in your city before leaving?  Since I moved here, I fell in love with Tortelli di patate, potato filled ravioli with meat sauce. This is something that people must try before they leave Florence.  

Travel Mantra? “Not all those who wander are lost”

What’s next on your travel bucket list? Wien, I’ve dreamed to visit the “Belvedere Museum” my entire life…and it’s about to become true!!

What’s your best travel tip for those coming to visit Italy? Enjoy every single moment in this beautiful country and relax, you’re on vacation.

What is your favorite Italian city to travel to? After Florence, my favorite Italian city is Rome, I’ve been there hundred times and it’s alwasy amazing. But I must confess that I’ve never been to the Vatican City…shame on me!!

"It's always a good time for a selfie!"

“It’s always a good time for a selfie!”

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had on one of your tours? For me the most memorable experience is when people hug me at the end of the tour. The best tip ever!

What do you like most about leading tours? I really like meeting with new people every day and share with them the stories and the legends of Florence.

What makes your tour unique? Come join in my tour and you’ll find out. 😉