Meet your local guide, Daniele from Milano!

Hello everyone and welcome back to “Meet Your Local Guide”.

We’ve been away for awhile but are now back with new entries and new posts! This time we’re taking you to Milan to meet Daniele a witty and personable local guide, that is waiting just for you, to make the most of your visit!

Name:  Daniele Umberto Lampasona

Nationality and Hometown? I’m originally from Catania, but live in Milan.

Name of tour you lead and where:  Segway tour in Milan (but also Food and Beer tasting tours)

If you are not from the city you are based in for tours, what originally brought you there? As many other families, also mine moved for work reasons from the south of Italy to Milan, the richest city of our country. I was 1 year old, so basically…I followed them.

Giving the last instructions before taking off for the tour!

Giving the last instructions before setting off for the tour!

Your favorite part of the tour:  My favourite part of the Segway tour is, strangely enough, the training! Those first minutes with the group are extremely important for the success of the tour: often people are scared, and I have to gain their trust in order to make them relax and prepare them for the most amazing adventure of their trip! It’s incredible how, in few minutes, faces change from fear to comfort, and then to happiness; that’s why I like so much this moment. If the training goes well, the rest of the tour will go well, because the mood is the right one. I always tell them: “During the first 2 minutes you are like ‘Oh my God, I’m gonna diiiiiie’, but at the end of the tour you wanna buy a Segway!”.


Favorite Local Restaurant in your city:  Rather than a specific place, I prefer recommending neighbourghoods where to live an experience. So I like to suggest the Navigli area and Brera – my favourites – which are so full of restaurants and each focusing on different products, that you can just go there and literally follow your nose.

The Duomo Terraces

The Duomo Terraces

One thing visitors to your city can’t miss: Going up to the roof of the Duomo (here’s useful link to book a Duomo tour) and actually walking on its tiles. It’s hard to find a similar opportunity in the whole world, and the view from up there is amazing!

What’s next on your travel bucket list? Next week I’m going to Lithuania!

What is your favorite Italian city to travel to?   I’m totally in love with Rome: there are so many things to see and to do that. Although I’ve lived there for a while and I’ve visited it many other times, I always find something new around!

What’s your best travel tip for those coming to visit Italy? Clear your mind from stereotypes and relax.

Ossobuco over Saffron Risotto

Ossobuco over Saffron Risotto

What’s the food that someone must try in your city before leaving? The combo ossobuco with saffron risotto is a must!

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had on one of your tours? Having a prosciutto tasting with some people from Australia who were prosciutto producers and we discussed about all the varieties and the differences between the Australians and Italians cured meet, most memorable!

What do you like most about leading tours? The possibility to learn from each person in my tour groups.

What makes your tour unique? A light and funny atmosphere, seasoned with deep knowledge of the tour. And of course, my hair! 😉