Meet Your Guide in Rome: Lorena!


Selfy Time with Lorena!

This month come to Rome and meet Lorena, one of the newest guide of our team! Lorena is energetic and knowledgeable and will take you around the city for a vibrant and fun tour!


Name: Lorena
Nationality and City of residence: I’m Italian and live in wonderful Rome!
Name of tour you lead and where: I can take you on segway tours of Imperial Rome, Baroque Rome, or on food tasting “Pizza Walking tour”.


Pizza Tour with Lorena

Pizza Tour with Lorena

If you are not from the city you are based in for tours, what originally brought you there? Initially I came to Rome to attended a Phd in Tourism and Intercultural Communication at Roma 3 university, but once it finished I so fell in love with this city that I decided to stay and become a touristic guide!
Your favorite part of the tour: I love to climb all the way to the top of the Capitolin Hill which is an important political center, but I like best the smoothness of the pavement: smooth surface = more fun with the Segway!; but I also love the Pantheon,  a masterpiece of architecture with its massive dome!
Favorite Local Restaurant in your city: You have to try a glass of wine with a local

specialty at Palathium Winebar! This winery is close to the Spanish Square and it’s the perfect stop after a long day of culture and history. And don’t forget to conclude with a dessert 😉


One thing visitors to my city can’t miss: Go to the Vittoriano terrace!! The Vittoriano Palace is a monument dedicated to our country, from which you can see a wonderful view of the city!
Travel Mantra? “Take it easy” that’s the trick in life: being relaxed can help you can enjoy more your life and respond better to every kind of situation!
What’s next on your travel bucket list? The world! I have no limit and want to see it all!! Beware: i might be in your country soon enough!
What is your favorite Italian city to travel to? Turin, truly beautiful with the Alps framing the city and with amazing local people who’ll make the most of your time!
What’s your best travel tip for those coming to visit Italy? Be patient and get ready to see something unexpected.


Deep Fried Zucchini Flower with Mozzarella and Anchovies

Deep Fried Zucchini Flower with Mozzarella and Anchovies

What’s the food that someone must try in your city before leaving? Fried zucchini flowers with mozzarella and anchovies, it’s so yummy!
What do you like most about leading tours? Let the people spend a great time together, between themselves and with me.


What makes your tour unique? My craziness! Muahahah 🙂


What you’re waiting for?? Book and have fun with Lorena!!!

See you soon!