Met Your Guide in Florence: Bene

This month we introduce you to Benedetta, “Bene” for friends, a genuine Fiorentina who’ll guide you through Florence’s alleys.


Name:  Benedetta

Nationality and City of residence: I was born in Florence, but now I live in Montespertoli, a small town in the countryside, not too far from Florence

Name of tour you lead and where: segway in Florence

Night Tour

Your favorite part of the tour: It’s fun when people arrived in the office, scared of riding the segway but at   the end they want to bring them home!

Favorite Local Restaurant in your city: I don’t have a favorite restaurant, but I think that if you cross the river and get lost in the Oltrarno neighbourghood, you’ll be surprised by good food and good price!

One thing visitors to my city can’t miss: Ponte Vecchio by night all light up!

Travel Mantra? I don’t have one, but there’s one word that I always use, which became a sort of mantra. The word is “allora” and people keep asking me “what does allora mean”? I have to stop saying it…

What’s next on your travel bucket list? New York, for sure: I meet every day people coming from NY and it’s a shame that I have never been there! Second: go back to Japan, where I have been for my honeymoon! And something that I am sure I will never do (but why not dream of it) the Trans-Siberian, from Moscow to Vladivostock by train: 9000 km across countries, people, 8 different time zones… Maybe one day…

What is your favorite Italian city to travel to? My second, after Florence, favorite city is Siena, around 100 km south of Florence. My absolute favourite part of Italy is not a city in but a region: Sicily, the southern Italian region. Sicily is where Europe meets Africa, a mix of architecture and history, Arabian e Greek style and the food…oh my…

What’s your best travel tip for those coming to visit Italy? Many visitors think that the life in Italy is slower, tha we don’ t rush, that we have siesta and that we enjoy life: well things in actuality are slightly different

What’s the food that someone must try in your city before leaving? I would like people before leaving to try the food like we eat at home, the traditional from Florence, not the lasagne, but the chicken liver pate crostini, the soup made with vegetables or with beans, and I would like them to try THE bistecca, the real one , the one three fingers thick and rare not medium cooked!!

Bene in tour

What do you like most about leading tours? I love to  share my city, the place where I grew up, every corner that is significant for me, with people coming from all across the world and I would like that people, when back home recalling “Florence” they would think of me. I am very lucky to be doing this job, because I can travel all around the world in the mind of people, I hope so!

What makes your tour unique? My smile 🙂

Make sure to ask of “Bene” when booking your tour in Florence!