Meet Alessandra: your guide in Rome!

Alessandra is a passionate and energetic guide, who’ll teach all you need to know about the wonderful city of Rome, so what you’re waiting for? Come join us on a fun-tastic trip through the Eternal City!

Hello, it's Alessandra

“Hello, it’s Alessandra”

Name: Hi, I’m Alessandra

Nationality and City of residence: I’m Italian, resident in Rome

Name of tour you lead and where: Baroque (night) and Imperial (day) Segway Tours of Rome

If you are not from the city you are based in for tours, what originally brought you there? Originally I’m from a little town called Udine in the north of Italy. The reason why I’m in Rome right now? For “amore” 😉

Your favorite part of the tour: Definetely “Il Giardino degli Aranci” (on the Segway Imperial route) with its gorgeous garden and flowers! But on the Segway Baroque route I love most of all “Piazza Navona”,  at night is simply magic.

Favorite Local Restaurant in your city: I like the “Il Giardino Romano” at the Ghetto for a genuine and traditional Roman dinner.

One thing visitors to my city can’t miss: The beautiful “Villa Borghese Gallery” for spectacular art, paintings and statues, not to mention the parks surrounding the villa where is also possible to go for a walk and which is very relaxing in spring and refreshing is summer time.

I think that visitors shouldn’t miss also the Appian Way the ancient “highway” connecting Rome to Brindisi, one of the most important harbor facing Greece and the Middle-East lands, to discover history while having a nice walk or ride if you prefer bikes!



Travel Mantra? Smile! Everything is better if you’re smiling 😀

What’s next on your travel bucket list? Mmm…just came back from south Asia, so I think that next trip will be on the other hemisphere: South America!

What is your favorite Italian city to travel to? Without a doubt it’s Rome!

What’s your best travel tip for those coming to visit Italy? Experience Italy’s life style: take your time to walk about and most importantly eat!!!! Taste everything you can, because food is the most important part of Italian culture 😉

What’s the food that someone must try in your city before leaving? When in Rome on can’t miss the mouthwatering pasta carbonara and fried artichoke in the Jewish block, yum yum yum!

Alessandra in tourWhat’s the most memorable experience you’ve had on one of your tours? There’s none specific because every day is a special experience, people make the difference on every tour and this makes my work wonderful!

What do you like most about leading tours? The joy to re-discover every day my city with great people coming from allover the world coming to visit Rome!

What makes your tour unique? Of course it’s me! 😀