Marathons in Italy

Read to run? Italy has 3 very important marathons planned over the next 6 months and they will take place in Italy’s most visited cities: Florence, Rome and Milan. With the exception of the upcoming Florence marathon this November 24th, you may want to plan to participate or be a spectator of the upcoming marathons in Italy (Rome and Milan). Despite the slow life in stroll that Italians tend to be known for, these cities have been the running track for various marathon and sporting events for something like 30 years! You wouldn’t expect the quaint, cobble streets and UNESCO heritage sites of Italy to be the stomping grounds for serious athletes! But if you think about it, it makes perfect sense! It provides the best sort of inspiration and visual candy for runners to be surrounded by such beauty for intense sporting events like a marathon. Marathons in Italy also support local businesses, tourism and promote a positive social atmosphere as people get together to watch the races or even join in with a group of friends. It may be a bit of a challenge for local commuters, but most of the time the benefits that marathon events in Italy bring out weigh any sort of snag on the local hustle and bustle.

Here is a list of the upcoming marathons in Italy:

fimarathonFlorence Marathon November 24th 2013:

The 30th edition of the Florence marathon will take place November 24th and the route of this annual full-length marathon is quite scenic to include major site pit-stops such as Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti, Porta Romana with a whiz through Campo di Marte and will finish at the stunning, world-famous Santa Croce church where the statue of Dante Alighieri stands to congratulate all the successful runners:) This particular race has had record registration numbers- some 10,000 people have submitted registration and a large percentage (+25%) are international runners from all over the world! Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to participate in if you are a European Marathon chaser! If you will be in Florence with children at this time, there is a race designed just for the family called The Ginky Family Run which is only 2km, no registration fee and will be followed up with a musical performance at Teatro Verdi.

Contact details:
 Florence Marathon
 Address : Viale M. Fanti 2, 50137 Firenze 
Tel. : +39 (0) 55 5522957
E-mail : 

romemarathonRome Marathon March 23rd 2014:

Feel like an ancient gladiator (okay, gladiators weren’t marathon runners) and zip past the country’s most treasured and colossal monuments at the Rome Marathon in March 2014! The marathon officially took root in 1995 but the city has been no stranger to running events! Since the beginning of the 1900’s there have been various legends like Dorando Pietri, Douglas Wakiihuri, Abebe Bikila (who raced barefoot to break some serious records) who have paved the Roman roads to be recognized as ideal battle ground for sporting events such as marathons. The upcoming marathon will include 26 miles of the historic center, starting at the Via dei Fori Imperiali near the colosseum and will take runners on an unbelievable track through Piazza Spagna, Piazza Venezia, areas near the Vatican, St. Peter’s, The gorgeous Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and ending the epic tour at the colosseum. Too bad you can’t do this marathon on segway– our offices are pretty close to the starting point! 🙂 Registration for the Rome Marathon in 2014 is still open.

Contact Details: Enrico Castrucci Address: Viale B.Bardanzellu 65, 00155 Roma, Italy Tel.: +39 06 40 65064 E-mail: Website:

milanmarathonMilan City Marathon April 6th, 2014:

Milan is referred to as the grey city of Italy and while it may not serve to be a scenic paradise for runners in say cities such as Rome or Florence, it is still a fantastic setting. Milan has some stunning architecture and there are very redeeming qualities about holding marathon events in Milan. Probably the biggest benefits from a logistical point of view is that unlike the romantic, cobbled streets of Rome or the narrow labyrinth paths in Florence, Milan has flat “track” course which is desirable for those who would like to gain an impressive personal time. The Milan Marathon will take off at Rhon and finish at the scenic Castello (Castle) Sforzesco. You may have already read about this castle in a previous post in our blog, and if not you can read up on our suggestions for things to do in Milan if you will be in town for the marathon. For the Milan City Marathon, participants can run for charity! The previous Milan City Marathon in 2013 raised over 500,000 euros- let’s hope runners break that record in 2014- among other records:). If you are planning to register for the Milan City Marathon, you can select to support a charity of your choice and create a sign of the charity’s logo to attach to your running suit to sport during the race. For more information for registering with a charity for the 2014 edition of the Milan City Marathon, visit their official page.

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