Great things to do in Rome (spotted by our local guides)

As everybody knows, Rome is a big, fascinating city, full of history, art and charm. Besides its iconic monuments known all over the world, there are so many other spots to visit, that would take months to see and experience. Our suggestion is…open your eyes, explore the city, be prepared to be surprised, get lost in its beauty and follow our tips. Great things to do in Rome are waiting for you!

Cornetti (from google)

Let your day start with a crisp and tender cornetto (Roman word for croissant), bought in a local forno (bakery). Our suggestion is the Forno Campo dei Fiori, a famous but still local spot, considered one of the best bakeries in town. Order a cornetto and eat it outside, in the amazing frame of Campo Dè Fiori, planning your vacanze romane.

2 – Culture: outside the conventional routes

Ok, you’ve seen the Colosseo, the Foro Romano and the Fontana di Trevi…but in Rome there’s much more! You could spend weeks visiting monuments, churches and museums and…you’ll realize that there’s still something new to see! This also makes Rome so unique.

Here are some insider tips:

ludus magnus

Ludus Magnus (from google)

It’s possible that not everyone knows that right behind the Colosseo there are the ruins of this building, also called the Great Gladiatorial Training School. This was one of the four places in the city, where the gladiators who participated in the performances at the Colosseo were trained. Once there, imagine that at the centre of the Ludus Magnus there was an ellipsoidal arena in which the gladiators practiced.

Basilica of San Clemente (from google)

Basilica of San Clemente:

this church off the traditional tourist path, is a treasure chest of secrets and history. By visiting it, you’ll see 2.000 years of Roman history, since the medieval church at the street level is built on a church dating back to the 4th century A.D. Erected on the basement of a 2nd century Roman insula and on its shrine dedicated to Mithras. By descending there you’ll hear the sound of water running. You’re not daydreaming, it is the sound of an underground river!

3 – Find the Great Beauty

Orange Garden

Orange Garden (from google)

The Parco Savello, aka the Orange Garden is a pleasant retreat on the Aventino hill, famous for offering one of the best views over the Capital. Once there, you’ll embrace the beauty of the city and feel like you’re in a movie.

This park is also a romantic nook and one of the best places where see the sunset on the city. The sleekest way to reach it? By joining our Segway Tour! As you know Rome, is situated on 7 hills. Arrive there with a segway so it will be easy and fun. And besides, your guide will show you another hidden gem: when leaving the park turn right and at the end of the road you’ll find a big green door…look through the small keyhole and..SURPRISE!

4 – Dine all’aperto

Trastevere by night (from google)

The climate in Rome is so pleasant that for most of the year you can dine outside, or all’aperto as we say in Italian. Trastevere, with its narrow medieval roads, is still one of the best areas in the city for walking around and eating out. Once there, enjoy the charming atmosphere and be groped by the delicious smells coming from the restaurants and trattorie.


from google

Our advice is Dar Poeta, a pizzeria and a landmark in town (Psst…is said that the Romani cross the city just to eat here!).

5 – The hip tip

Rome is not just a museum in open air, but also a lively and young city. So don’t miss its newest trends! Our tips?


Freni e Frizioni (from google)

Freni e Frizioni: hip bar and cool place for an aperitivo – suitable also for vegans – whose name can be translated into “brakes and clutches”, since once it was a car garage.

Via del Governo Vecchio: for a local shopping experience, try this elegant pedestrian road just behind Piazza Navona. There you’ll find small boutiques and independent designers stores selling unique and handmade items like clothes or jewelry. Here you’ll also find restaurants and wine bars.


Rome Segway Tours

Last tip, book one of our tours (Segway Tour, Pizza Tour, Rome Bike Tour)at the beginning of your stay, your guide will give you a lot of tips about things to do in Rome for the rest of your holiday!