Everything you need to know about Expo Milan 2015 (and beyond)

The tree of Life

The tree of Life

Whether you’ve scheduled it or not, if you’re in Milan, you really can’t miss the world fair and here you find everything you need to know about Expo Milan 2015 (and beyond), which has opened on the 1st of May and which will last 6 months, until October 31st. A huge exhibition, spread on an over one million square meters wide area, with 145 participating nations. You’ll feel that you’re travelling around the world.

How to get there

If you’re staying in the city the best way is to take the red underground line up to Rho Fiera Expo (the urban ticket is not valid, check it out here to learn about ticket and pass). Once there, our suggestion is to follow the directions to “Fiorenza” entrance, since it will lead you just at the beginning of the the main street crossing the whole site from east to west: the Decumano. Our tip: Once there, in order to save time and go easier around the site, you can take the People Mover Shuttle Bus Service”.


You can buy them on advance or directly at the Expo ticket office, just consider that there are two different prices: 39€ (open date – any day) and 34€ (fixed date). You’re in Milan for just one day? Between 7 and 11 p.m. the entrance costs 5€! Our tip: If you plan to spend your evening there, buy also a ticket for the Cirque du Soleil, they’ve created an exclusive show just for the Expo called Alla Vita!

What you can’t miss at the Expo

Pavilion Zero (detail)

Pavilion Zero (detail)

The entire exhibition is amazing, and the architectures lining the Decumano are a festival for the eyes. Some of them are really enchanting and eye-catching, just let them inspire you and enter to discover the inside. What we enjoined the most:

–          Pavilion Zero: The first to be seen and not to be missed if you want to understand the subject of the exhibition and to meditate on the themes of the Expo.

–          Tree of life (Albero della Vita): every hour an extraordinary show animates and this symbol of the Expo and the dancing fountains surrounding it.

–          Italian Pavilion: reminding a bright white forest, this pavilion houses an engaging tail about the Italian natural and cultural beauties and innovations and ends with a question: what the world would be without Italy? 

–          Italian Regional Restaurants: it doesn’t happen every day to have 20 Italian restaurants one next to the other one serving delicious specialties of the Italian regions, the difficult part is to make a choice.

–          Mediterranean Hill: at the Decumano’s end there’s a lush hill covered with fragrant Mediterranean vegetation: the perfect place to go for a relaxing walk and to see the panorama over the site.

And what you can’t miss in the city

Naviglio Grande

Naviglio Grande

–          Take a stroll on the new Darsena (Harbour): after a complete renovation, the former Milanese harbor is back and Milan has its new waterfront with bars, shops, a pedestrian area and…a beach.

–          See the Pietà Rondanini: the last masterpiece sculpted by Michelangelo is in Milan, and a brand new museum to house it has been inaugurated and guess what: entrance is free until May 31st!

–          Take a picture to a wheatfield with skyscrapers in background: a performance strictly connected to the Expo themes, a green wheatfield designed by the artist Agnes Denes is growing in the new modern area of Porta Nuova Neighborhood: stunning!

What can we say, Milan is getting every day more beautiful and exciting and the Expo is a dream come true, almost addictive, we literally can’t wait to share all of this with you.