Cloaca Maxima rome

Cloaca Maxima, Rome

Did you know?

One of the best preserved monuments of Rome is also one of the less known: it is the Cloaca Maxima, the ancient sewer of the city. Archaeologists know only a little part of its way, which is under the Imperial Forum, and we have to say that after 2000 years it’s still efficient, so that nowadays it’s still working!

Cloaca Maxima tunel

The career of a gladiator was really dangerous, but those who survived then could retire and live like a normal citizen!

Do you know that the names of the months come from historical or mythological roman characters? For example August comes from Augustus, the famous emperor; March from Mars, god of war; July from Julius Caesar; May from Maia, goddess of nature and fecundity; exc.

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