Things to do in Italy

Get ready for Carnival In Italy!

February in Italy: the Peninsula is invaded with masks, confetti, colours and lights that make for a very exciting and unique atmosphere. In other words, it’s Carnival! Kids (and adults too!) get excited and start to seek their favourite costume, from fairytales or comics, fantasy goes wild. Carnival’s protagonist is indeed the disguise: so important 

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Visiting Italy in autumn

Without any doubt, visiting Italy in autumn is one of the best things you can do. Just think about leaving the crowd and the heat of summer behind you and imagine the fragrance of chestnuts and truffles spreading in the air while driving slowly through enchanted landscapes painted in yellow and orange. Autumn is also 

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Modern Architectures in Italy

Come and see exciting modern Architectures in Italy! Yes, we want to provoke you, we know, when people think about our country the first image is not a skyscraper or a modern futuristic building, but the cities are changing and you will be surprised! Of course we begin with Milan, since it is home to the biggest 

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