Things to do in Rome Italy

Italian wine during the day, Spanish Steps at night

A trip to Rome is something that is not easily to be forgotten. The charme of the city is strong, both at daytime and nighttime. You’ll feel living something in between dream and reality, with an overwhelming hope it may last forever. While you’ll probably spend your days visiting the beautiful gardens, villas and open 

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Meet Your Guide in Rome: Lucilla

Meet your guide in Rome: Lucilla This month’s “Your guide in Rome” is Lucilla, an energetic and characteristic Naepolitan girl, who’ll teach you everything about “fantastica Roma”!   Name: Lucilla Nationality and City of residence: I am proud to be from “Bella Napoli” but I’ve been living in Rome for almost 4 years. Name of 

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Meet Your Guide: Giuliana

Welcome back everyone! This month you’ll meet Giuliana, a most enthusiastic and passionate guide in the wonderful Rome!   Name: Giuliana! Nationality and hometown? Italian , born  and grew up in Rome. Name of tour you lead and where: I lead the Imperial Segway Tour in Rome! Your favorite part of the tour: What do 

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