Things to do in Rome Italy

10 Colosseum Facts

If we talk about the Colosseum, it comes immediately into your mind the indisputable symbol of Rome and one of the most representative monuments in Italy and also one of the most admired all over the world. Famous for its majesty and for its important historic and archaeological value, everyone wants to see it and 

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Meet your local guide in Rome: Ale!

Howdy! This time we are in Rome to introduce you to Alessandro, a veteran Segway user and expert bike rider! He’s knowledgeable, entertaining and energetic and most of all, his cheerfullness it’s infectious. On this interview we’ll learn Ale’s favourites restraurants, neighbourghoods, part of the city and foods, so read-on! Name: Hi, my name is Alessandro Millozzi. Nationality and 

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Italian wine during the day, Spanish Steps at night

A trip to Rome is something that is not easily to be forgotten. The charme of the city is strong, both at daytime and nighttime. You’ll feel living something in between dream and reality, with an overwhelming hope it may last forever. While you’ll probably spend your days visiting the beautiful gardens, villas and open 

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