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Victor Emmanuel Monument

If you have been in Rome at least once, you cannot say you haven’t seen such a particular monument. Occupying a surface of 717 000 square meters, the Vittoriano is the colossal monument which dominates Piazza Venezia. The National monument of Victor Emmanuel II or Vittoriano is an Italian monumental complex, started in 1885 and 

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Meet Alessandra: your guide in Rome!

Alessandra is a passionate and energetic guide, who’ll teach all you need to know about the wonderful city of Rome, so what you’re waiting for? Come join us on a fun-tastic trip through the Eternal City! Name: Hi, I’m Alessandra Nationality and City of residence: I’m Italian, resident in Rome Name of tour you lead and where: Baroque 

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Marathons in Italy

Read to run? Italy has 3 very important marathons planned over the next 6 months and they will take place in Italy’s most visited cities: Florence, Rome and Milan. With the exception of the upcoming Florence marathon this November 24th, you may want to plan to participate or be a spectator of the upcoming marathons 

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