A book-and-wine tour in Italy

Autumn: a glass of wine and a good book!

Even better, a glass of wine and a good italian book, right where it is settled. Let’s see where to go for a nice italian literary wine tour through Italy!

1) Sicily. A good thing of autumn in the south is that travelling is very low budget. And in Sicily the sea is still pretty warm, so, between a good meal and a page, you might still enjoy the wonderful seaside!


WHAT TO DRINK: a good passito after lunch. Sicily is famous for its Passito di Pantelleria, a sweet wine that goes with desserts.
WHAT TO READ: Andrea Camilleri, La forma dell’acqua (“The shape of water”). This old man that just turned 92 is one of the most famous mystery writer in Italy. The main charachter of his stories is Salvo Montalbano, a cop with his ideas and a pretty good taste when it comes to food!

2) Puglia: There is an italian band who named itself after its land’s wine. They’re called Negramaro, like the wine in Salento: it’s strong and (sounds like an heresy) best served cold, it hits your head and make you happy. Drink it carefully while dancing a “pizzica” on the last evenings outside, and the morning after enjoy the Negramaro singer’s book.

WHAT TO DRINK: Negramaro di Salento
WHAT TO READ: Lo spacciatore di carne (the flesh dealer), by Giuliano Sangiorgi. A history about family, traumas and love, in a language that only a rock singer can invent.

3) Tuscany. well, as we like to say, “ci piace vincere facile” (that’s an easy win)! Almost all tuscan writers put at least a glass of wine in their pages, just because you cannot think a tuscan person living without it. Now it’s almost Novello time – the new wine, light and bitter. And it’s a joy, taking a tour between the grapevines all red, maybe at sunset…


WHAT TO DRINK: A good, classic Chianti
WHAT TO READ: Marco Malvaldi, Odore di chiuso (“fustiness”). Malvaldi is another mystery writer, but this time, instead of summoning its typical charachters – old men gathered in a old bar – he chose to let a food legend act. Pellegrino Artusi, writer of the most ancient and famous recipe book in Italy, is the main character of this funny novel.

4) Piemonte. this region comes with great wines, the very famous Barbera and the Moscato D’Asti, and it’s a wonderful place for a car-trip. The Langhe zone is quite a wonder to see – even if now it’s already pretty cold. Even better though, you will enjoy your wine (with some Alba truffles) more!

WHAT TO DRINK: a sparkling prosecco made in Asti
WHAT TO READ: A neve ferma (“…until stiff”), Stefania Bertola. A romance about food and friendship, sparkling and funny like an Italian Bridget Jones’ diary.

5) Liguria. Another sea – literally, we’re on the other side of Italy. Liguria is in so many songs, thanks to two of our very famous songwriters, Paolo Conte and Fabrizio De André, because of its atmospheres a bit gloomy, quite suspicious, always slightly dark… and still full of life and joy. So listen to some of the most famous Paolo Conte and De André’s songs and let yourself be inspired to eat a rich pasta col pesto!


WHAT TO DRINK: a red “Golfo del Tigullio“, light and slightly sparkling
WHAT TO READ: Maurizio Maggiani‘s Il coraggio del pettirosso (The robin’s courage). A story about being strong and telling the truth, and enjoy life no matter what. The perfect conclusion to a great italian tour!