5 things to do with teenagers in Rome

italian pizza in florence

Italian pizza!

Traveling to Rome? With a teen? Travelling abroad is an eye-opening experience and some think it should be a requirement for anyone coming of age- or for anyone at any age! Rome is an open city for everyone of any age and from various walks of life. Rome can be an awesome destination for your teen as it is chock full of hollywood-worthy sights like the colosseum, ancient ruins like the Roman Forum, funky statues like an egyptian style PYRAMID, cat sanctuaries, pizzerias, live music in squares, arcades and much more. Teens might be weary of International family vacations unless there are entertaining things to do apart from the academic sightseeing tours. Plus, they might get overwhelmed with all the cultural activities, museums and tours. Perhaps some light hearted activities might be good to scope out for your teen’s visit to Rome. I am sure it can be hard to suggest things to do for teenagers when the adults want to do adult things like wine tasting and fancy dinners, but let us do the homework for you! We get asked pretty often by our family groups: what can our teenager do in Rome? Well there is loads but here are a quick 5 tips:


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Visit to La Bocca della Verità!- Bocca della Verità translates from Italian into “the mouth of truth.” It is a very famous statue resembling a man’s face from Ancient Roman times where legend has it if you put your hand in the mouth of the statue’s mouth and you are a fibber (a nice way of saying liar), then your hand will be devoured! The history of this sculpture dates back to ancient Roman times and is considered to have been apart of a fountain but the figure has been considered to also represent a pagan god Oceanus, who was thought to personify the world’s flowing waters. Nevertheless, La Bocca della Verità legendarily became a sort of mythical lie detector. The statue attracts many daily to test their truthful nature and is affixed to the portico of Church Santa Maria in Cosmedin, located near the north end of Circus Maximus. Great sight visit for a teen in Rome!

Take your teen on a PIZZA tasting tour! First of all, who doesn’t love pizza and most of all- it’s loved so much by teens that it’s practically considered a food group! Italy Segway Tours organizes Rome Pizza Food Tours and this would be a fantastic activity for teens on their own for a few hours or with the whole family group. Some great highlights of a pizza tour is that you’ll be able to see Rome from a different perspective than the usual tours and discover new neighborhoods, famous bakeries and learn about what REAL Italian pizza is supposed to be like- none of the crud from Domino’s or Pizza Hut you may find back at home. Not only will a pizza food tour enlighten you to what authentic Italian pizza is, but you’ll also even regional differences like pizza in Rome versus the traditional Neapolitan pizza. We highly recommend our Rome Pizza Food Tour for a (delectable) thing to do with teenagers in Rome!

Still thinking of Pizza? Why not try a Rome Food Tasting by bike! Combine exercise, easy breezy sight seeing and food tasting by bike in Rome. A guaranteed hit with your teen. Tired of food already? Try a simple Rome Bike Tour guaranteed to be enjoyed by your traveling teen.

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Explore Villa Borghese Gardens– The Villa Borghese gardens is one of the largest parks in Rome and is full of activities for teens to do in Rome. Within the gardens is a zoological museum, gothic statues and even a zoo (Rome’s Bioparco) complete with endangered species and hippos. The Villa Borghese Gardens is also an ideal location to take rented bicycles or segway rentals and for teens to take a ride through. The place is a giant palace of stunning Roman gardens that you can’t help but enjoy discovering.

Tired of walking around or biking around (in the event you and teen travelers in Rome took a Rome by Bike tour) and want to give your muscles a rest? Consider a sightseeing Rome by Segway tour! On a segway tour of Rome, your teen will find it hard to be bored with the jam-packed half-day tour visiting Rome’s most iconic sights such as the Colosseum, Circus Maximus, The Mouth of Truth and so much more. Plus, Segways are a fun ride that teens would for sure get a kick out of.

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Tour the famous Cinecittà studios! Did you know that Rome has been the set of thousands of international films? So many have in fact earned Academy Awards and have even been set to television programs, music videos and commercial productions. Movies to note are classics like Roman Holiday, The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Pink Panther 2 and more.  As a result of Rome’s deep culture with filmmaking, there are tourist activities at the Cinecittà Studios that would be a great experience for teens and adults. The studios have areas where visitors can check out costumes, set props and even has a “Backstage” section where visitors can have an interactive experience while learning about the basics of film making!

Spook your teen with a visit to the Catacombs and the Capuchin Crypt! There are several mazes of underground tunnels of catacomb burial sites in Rome with thousands of bodies buried from centuries past. As creepy as that may be, they attract numerous tourists and are the scene for many tours in Rome, believe it or not! Nevertheless, this is unquestionably a more edgy, entertaining shock-worthy activity for teens in Rome. There a few Catacomb locations to consider when deciding which ones to visit:

Capuchin_CryptThen apart from the catacombs in Rome, there is also the Capuchin crypt which is a very sort of intriguing display of bones which belonged to almost 4,000 capuchin friars and monks. Albeit a bit grotesque considering the history and nature of the crypt, it is nonetheless a hidden Rome tourist attraction that represents important history of Rome and the church. The Capuchin crypt can be found at the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini on Via Veneto in Rome. 

Enjoy our 5 things to do in Rome with teenagers