10 things to do in Milan

10 Things to do in Milan

Milan- the capital of fashion and luxury in Italy. But not only! Milan is under-rated by tourists and Italians alike! When Italians hear Milan, they imagine a “grey” city and the posh boutiques and mazzerati that fill the Montenapoleone district. But that is simply not true. There is much to be enjoyed in Milan! It is a true European metropolis, filled with amazing sights and architecture, buzzing with nightlife and a fresh contemporary culture, music and above all- our Segway tours! 🙂 If you find yourself in Florence, Venice, Turin or even Bologna- make sure to make a day trip to Milan! If you can stay for more than a day, you will for sure be able to experience life alla Milanese. During your vacation in Milan, we compiled these ten things to do in Milan- just for you.

DOMEMILAN1) Dome of Milan. Also known as the Milan Cathedral,the Dome of Milan is a fine example of Italian Gothic design and architecture. It is smack dab in the city center and will knock you off your feet. It is so intricate and complex- and for good reason! Did you know this particular cathedral took not 2 not 4 but 6 (SIX!!) centuries to complete? Yep. Go see it. Or segway to it. It even has a strange reminiscent quality of the likes of Gaudi. Shhhh…don’t tell the locals we said that…

For more info on booking and tickets, please visit the official website.

2) Last Supper. Did you know The Last Supper was in Milan? Well, it is at least on display here. This infamous da Vinci masterpiece which depicts the last meal Jesus shared before his crucifixion brings roves of tourists and locals alike to it- everyday. It is almost impossible to get a ticket so you must book well ahead of time. Missing the last supper in Milan is like missing the Sistine chapel in Rome- completely sacrilegious.  For more info on how to book your spot to view this wonder, please visit this page.

castlesforzamilano3) Castello Sforzesco- Go to a CASTLE! Why not? Especially when this castle is full of several museums and precious art collections. This castle was finished by the Lord of Milan Ludovico Sforza (hence the name) during the renaissance and commissioned big names to decorate the castle such Leonardo da Vinci (THE renaissance man!)  Don’t miss it! Learn more HERE.

4 ) Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Visit the world’s oldest (and strangely romantic) shopping mall! The galleria connects the piazza duomo (the Milan dome) and piazza della scala with two glass vaulted arcades forming an intensely beautiful kaleidoscope-like octagon! (Pssssttt attention creative photographers!) The galleria is a great pit-stop after a visit to the Dome in the Milan center.

Aperitivo in Milan Italy

Aperitivo in Milan Italy

5) Aperitivo and Wine Tasting in Milan. Need a break from the sights? Kick back and relax with our Segway staff for Aperitivo and wine! After all, Aperitivo is king in Milan! In case you didn’t know, aperitivo is the tradition of stimulating your appetite with a drink and a nibble. Sounds counter intuitive, but you’ll have a larger appetite than what you started with- really!

6) Milan Segway Tour See of of these sights and more on a Segway tour of Milan! Not only will you see more, but you’ll get all the tips and tricks when you sight seek by Segway. Travel fast, see more and have fun with our local (English speaking) expert staff of guides. Learn more about our Segway tour in Milan.

The Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael

The Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael

7) Pinacoteca di Brera. The Pinacoteca is the main public art gallery museum of Milan hosting a large number of major artworks. It is home to numerous renaissance and neoclassical collections and is recognized for pieces such as Madonna and the Child, The Marriage of the Virgin, Death of Cleopatra and key pieces by Caravaggio and Rembrandt. This is most lovely art gallery and should not be missed by even the slightest art lover at heart. Learn more about tickets and hours HERE.

8) Opera at La Scala. Perfect stop for music fans and especially opera lovers. La Scala in Milan has hosted some of the finest performers from all over the world for more than 200 hundred years. Today, it is one of the leading opera and ballet houses which also schools and trains future performing fine artists. To see if there is a performance open while you are in Milan, visit the official homepage.

9) Milan Bike Tour. Segway tour not enough? Want to see even more and be active? Take a bike tour! Albeit active, we go at an easy-going Italian pace. You probably won’t break a huge sweat since Milan is flat and we will stop at various charming spots along the way. We avoid crowded streets and our expert guides will take you on a sightseeing tour to always remember. Learn more about bike tours in Milan.

san-siro-milan10) San Siro Stadium. How can you come to Italy and NOT see a soccer (football) game? From 1925, this stadium has hosted many games, events and competitions. Italy can be defined by 3 things- food, beauty and soccer. Visit the San Siro Stadium to make your Italian experience complete. There is also a museum and various other activities to attend. Visit their official website to learn more and you might be lucky in town when its soccer season!

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