What to do in Florence during summer

If your place is too warm and you can’t stand the idea of lying on the bed drinking cool water, you might want to check out what’s up in Florence.


During summer there’s plenty of activities you might try, from a movie in a square to an evening run… let’s have an overwiev on the things to do!

Movie nights
In July and August a lot of italian cities organize summer movie nights in squares and parks: most of them are for free and most of them, thanks to the Bologna-based institute “Il cinema ritrovato”, are restored masterpiece in original language.
In Florence there are two open space cinemas for the moment: one is in the park near the Stadium, in the green and quiet Campo di Marte neighborhood, where you can enjoy some old movie while having a drink as well. Look for the program by searching “Cinema Light”. The entrance is free!

In the same zone you will also find two other movie areas: it’s the “Arena di Marte”, divided in small and big. The big one offers most successful last year’s movies; the small one offers a “d’essai” program,

with all the movies that you can’t normally find in the halls. Entrance costs from 5 to 6 euros.

It’s not over – there is another one: the “Apriti Cinema” program, totally free – most of the program is in a foreign language, subtitled in italian and english. It offers a sneak peek on all cultures’ cinema, from the African to the Japanese, with a large number of session focused on a particular theme (writers, women, documentaries).

It takes place in the central area of Santissima Annunziata square: it does not have a lot of places so assure yourself to be there well in advance if you really want to sit!

Running in parks
When the sun starts descending you might enjoy a jogging hour: the city is still really warm, but worry not… Florence is full of green areas.
Campo di Marte gardens are one option, probably the best for those who live in Cure or Stadium area, but there are also the “Ventaglio” park and the “Area Pettini Burresi”.

Then, there is of course the Cascine park, the biggest one, in the northern zone.
Another very useful and suggestive park is “Parco dell’Anconella”, between the AnconellaVerrazzano and the Varlungo bridges.
On the other side of the bridge you’ll find the Carraia park; and right near Piazzale Michelangelo you can try yourself with a run in Bobolino – the youngest brother of Boboli – and enjoy the view.

And of course if you prefer to relax no one stops you from bringing a towel and lie on the grass with a good book. You might want to bring also a mosquito stick, though.

Art exhibitions
One for all this time – is free and it’s in one of the beautiest spots in Florence: it’s Gormley’s ‘Human’ art exhibition. Pixelated or sort-of-melted men stand out against the sky in the wonderful Forte Belvedere.258ee2700b8562b5d51ebf2117179b3d_XL
You have to arrive there by foot, and it’s a bit of an effort, so bring water and go at sunset: the effect is wonderful and you will not sweat your skin out.

“Human” is not the only art show in Florence, but aside from the most famous in the old palaces and museums, we suggest you to take a look in the many galleries around the city. Sometimes they can really be surprising.

Then of course, if you want to get acquainted with the city first, you can follow us on facebook, take a look at our blog and our page and book a tour: we will show you why is Florence so unforgettable – and you’ll forget the heat!

Meet Your Guide: Giuliana

Welcome back everyone! This month you’ll meet Giuliana, a most enthusiastic and passionate guide in the wonderful Rome!


Name: Giuliana!

Nationality and hometown? Italian , born  and grew up in pics 4Rome.

Name of tour you lead and where: I lead the Imperial Segway Tour in Rome!

Your favorite part of the tour: What do I like  about the tour? Definitely the Segway! Riding a Segway is different from anything you have done before and it is a great way to tour Rome while having lots of fun!

Favorite local restaurant in your city:  I love  “Nonna Betta Restaurant” the best kosher food in town! This place is in the wonderful area of the Jewish ghetto, totally worth visiting!

One thing visitors to your city can’t miss:   a walk through  the colorful stalls of the market of “Campo de’ Fiori”

Travel mantra?   The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page

What’s next on your travel bucket list?  Everywhere!!! Although the greatest wish now is a trip to Colombia!

What is your favorite Italian city to travel to?  Venice!  It is one of  those places that everyone has to see at least once in their lives, just like Rome.

What’s your best travel tip for those coming to visit Italy?   Slow down, take it easy and enjoy Italy’s dolce vita, you’ll never enjoy it trying to rush to places!

What’s the food that someone must try in your city before leaving?  Definitely Cheese and Wine!!

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had on one of your tours?   I’d say during the shooting of the latest “007 James Bond” …it was incredible!

What do you like most about leading tours?  I love sharing Rome’s beauty and its history with everybody!

What makes your tour unique?  Mm…I’d say my enthusiasm !!!

 Think you’re readJpegy for a Segway Tour? Book it now and don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to enjoy history and arts, while driving around on a modern chariot! And make sure you ask for Giuliana to be your guide!

Till next time!



Cool and refreshing places in Milan, Florence and Rome

The Italian summer can be really hot and a list of cool and refreshing places in Milan, Florence and Rome can be useful to find places away from the crowd where you can cool down for a while.


Pic-nic in the park

In the last few years in Milan have been inaugurated 18 new parks…not bad! For a different afternoon, you can consider to go to one of them, and maybe having a picnic there J. You don’t need to bring blankets and baskets, that’s Milan and you can find everything! Our address for a pic-nic is California Bakery (right in front of Sant’Eustorgio, one of the oldest churches of Milan), there they’ll provide you everything you need for a pic nic (blankets and pillows included) and the only thing you’ll have to do is to find a nice spot in the park behind, relax and experience the city away from the crowd and the heat of the center.


Naviglio della Martesana

Naviglio della Martesana

Cycling along the canals

Another option could be to rent a bike and cycle along one of the canals still remaining in the city, like the Naviglio della Martesana or the Naviglio Pavese. In few minutes you’ll leave the city and you’ll be seduced by the peace and the beauty of the nature and of the retreats and farms which line the canals.


Arno river cruise

Can you imagine the feeling of passing under the Ponte Vecchio on a traditional Florentine boat? These boats are called “barchetti” and offer tours conducted by  experienced boatmen, who will tell you the story and stories of the monuments you’ll pass by.


Giardino di Boboli

Giardino di Boboli

Giardino di Boboli

Maybe is predicted, but every time we go there, we’re hooked by the beauty of this park. The Giardino di Boboli (Boboli Gardens) is one of the most important Italian Renaissance gardens in the world and houses pieces of art dating back dating from the 16th through the 18th centuries, mixed with some Roman relics. One of the features of the park is the cave designed by Buontalenti (yes, the same who invented the gelato), an unreal space decorated by stalactites and populated by fauns. But this cave is not the only one, have fun exploring all the corners of this garden 111 acres wide.



Catacombs of St.Callixtus

Catacombs of St.Callixtus

The catacombs of St.Callixtus

Ok, what’s more refreshing than caves? And the Eternal City is famous for its “artificial caves”: the catacombs. The catacombs of St.Callixtus are among the greatest and most important of Rome and visiting them, you’ll forget the loud and the crowd of Rome and delve into a journey into the history, visiting the place where the early Christians had to hide during the persecutions. See the symbols on the walls and learn their meanings, and when you’ll re-emerge you’ll be ready for another rush of monuments ;-)

Botanical Garden

If you maybe prefer leafy places, then pick one of the several beautiful parks of the city. We’d suggest you to go to the less known ones, like the Botanical Garden. This park near Trastevere, is a veritable forest in the very center of the city, cared by the Department of Environmental Biology of the Sapienza University. Walking through roses, bamboo forests and zen gardens, at some point you’ll reach the hill heart of the garden, which offers stunning views over the city.

Sometimes our clients tell us that in Italy really seems that people know how to enjoy life..then do like us, take it easy, take a break and experience the beauty and the soul of these cities!

Meet Your Guide : Bob the Emperor on the Rome Segway Tour

On this month’s “Meet Your Guide” feature we’ll introduce you to Roberto or, for his friends, Bob The Emperor.

He’s a veteran at Italy Segway Tours, he’s been leading tours since 2011 and he’ll teach you all you need to know about Rome and Segways!

Getting ready for the tour

Name: Bob The Emperor!

Nationality and Hometown? I am Italian and born in Rome, my wonderful birthplace.

Name of tour you lead and where: I usually lead the Imperial Segway tour in the day time, the Baroque Segway night tour and Rome bike tours.

Your favorite part of the tour: The favorite part of the Segway tour is when you see all the customers able to drive it, we are so proud of our teaching and their learning!

Favorite Local Restaurant in your city: For Pizza i like Tettarello, in Rione Monti or Napul’e in the Prati neighbourhood. The restaurant Santa Lucía – closer to Piazza Navona – is another place that I love.

During the tour

One thing visitors to your city can’t miss: In Rome you can’t miss the view of the city from the Oranges Garden on the Aventino Hill,  especially at sunset! Also the walk on the Appiah Way is a must when in Rome.

Favorite Travel Quote? One life is not enough to visit Rome….and travel all around the world!

Roberto leading a Segway Night Tour

What’s next on your travel bucket list? My next trip I hope will be to Patagonia and Terra del Fuego, Argentina! It is a dream of mine to visit those marvelous places.

What’s your best travel tip for those coming to visit Italy? To everyone who wants to visit Italy my advice is: enjoy the food! Italy is the best country, not only for art and history but eating Italian is the joy of gourmets!!!!  And it’s healthy too!

Jewish Artichokes

What’s the food that someone must try in your city before leaving? From the Roman cuisine you have to taste the Carbonara or Amatriciana pasta dish and the Jewish artichokes, so delicious!


What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had on one of your tours? One tour was memorable sharing a laugh with customers about me falling off the Segway!! I have to take care of my group but sometimes my own self isn’t  under control!

Taking pictures!

What do you like most about leading tours? I like it when people are actually paying attention to my explanations. Sometimes art and history seem to be boring but when you are able to catch their interest, you see their eyes shining and you feel satisfied. That makes the difference on leading a tour!


Do you feel like you know Roberto?? When booking  your Segway Tour in Rome, ask for him and you’ll have a blast! See you in Rome!

Everything you need to know about Expo Milan 2015 (and beyond)

The tree of Life

The tree of Life

Whether you’ve scheduled it or not, if you’re in Milan, you really can’t miss the world fair and here you find everything you need to know about Expo Milan 2015 (and beyond), which has opened on the 1st of May and which will last 6 months, until October 31st. A huge exhibition, spread on an over one million square meters wide area, with 145 participating nations. You’ll feel that you’re travelling around the world.

How to get there

If you’re staying in the city the best way is to take the red underground line up to Rho Fiera Expo (the urban ticket is not valid, check it out here to learn about ticket and pass). Once there, our suggestion is to follow the directions to “Fiorenza” entrance, since it will lead you just at the beginning of the the main street crossing the whole site from east to west: the Decumano. Our tip: Once there, in order to save time and go easier around the site, you can take the People Mover Shuttle Bus Service”.


You can buy them on advance or directly at the Expo ticket office, just consider that there are two different prices: 39€ (open date – any day) and 34€ (fixed date). You’re in Milan for just one day? Between 7 and 11 p.m. the entrance costs 5€! Our tip: If you plan to spend your evening there, buy also a ticket for the Cirque du Soleil, they’ve created an exclusive show just for the Expo called Alla Vita!

What you can’t miss at the Expo

Pavilion Zero (detail)

Pavilion Zero (detail)

The entire exhibition is amazing, and the architectures lining the Decumano are a festival for the eyes. Some of them are really enchanting and eye-catching, just let them inspire you and enter to discover the inside. What we enjoined the most:

-          Pavilion Zero: The first to be seen and not to be missed if you want to understand the subject of the exhibition and to meditate on the themes of the Expo.

-          Tree of life (Albero della Vita): every hour an extraordinary show animates and this symbol of the Expo and the dancing fountains surrounding it.

-          Italian Pavilion: reminding a bright white forest, this pavilion houses an engaging tail about the Italian natural and cultural beauties and innovations and ends with a question: what the world would be without Italy? 

-          Italian Regional Restaurants: it doesn’t happen every day to have 20 Italian restaurants one next to the other one serving delicious specialties of the Italian regions, the difficult part is to make a choice.

-          Mediterranean Hill: at the Decumano’s end there’s a lush hill covered with fragrant Mediterranean vegetation: the perfect place to go for a relaxing walk and to see the panorama over the site.

And what you can’t miss in the city

Naviglio Grande

Naviglio Grande

-          Take a stroll on the new Darsena (Harbour): after a complete renovation, the former Milanese harbor is back and Milan has its new waterfront with bars, shops, a pedestrian area and…a beach.

-          See the Pietà Rondanini: the last masterpiece sculpted by Michelangelo is in Milan, and a brand new museum to house it has been inaugurated and guess what: entrance is free until May 31st!

-          Take a picture to a wheatfield with skyscrapers in background: a performance strictly connected to the Expo themes, a green wheatfield designed by the artist Agnes Denes is growing in the new modern area of Porta Nuova Neighborhood: stunning!

What can we say, Milan is getting every day more beautiful and exciting and the Expo is a dream come true, almost addictive, we literally can’t wait to share all of this with you.

5 ideas for a day-trip from Milan

Especially in the warm season, taking a break from the city can be reinvigorating. That’s why we decided to suggest to you 5 ideas for a day-trip from Milan. All the destinations we present in this post are easily reached by train from Milan, just check the timetables here. You’ll probably be surprised by the amazing gems kept in places you’ve probably never heard about, but hey…that’s Italy guys!

-          Monza

Getting to Monza is extremely easy since it is just 20 minutes away from Milan by train. If you’re interested in history but also in being in elegant and chic places, this is the destination for you. After a quick walk from the train station, you’ll be in the city center in ten minutes and we’re sure that the rhythm of this elegant small city will captivate you. Monza is rich in art and culture! Stroll around the center, between elegant boutiques and another attractions. Don’t miss the medieval Duomo for any reason. While exploring its treasury and its frescoes, you’ll be shocked by its beauty. Have a coffee break at the enchanting Tea Rose Cafè and then take a look at the Arengario, the former town hall of the city. End your city getaway by going around along the river Lambro and having a meal at a nice restaurant in the area.

-          Bergamo

Bergamo Alta

Bergamo Alta

Romantic, magical, old are just few of the adjectives we have in mind when we think about Bergamo. The old city is situated on a hill and dominates the modern city (Bergamo Bassa) and the area around. Arrive at the train station located in Bergamo Bassa and from there take the bus to get to the old walled city of Bergamo Alta. Once you have arrived, visit the Piazza Vecchia, the octagonal Cappella Colleoni, the medieval church of Santa Maria Maggiore and then take a stroll through the small roads scattered with lovely boutiques up to the Colle Aperto, where you’ll have the best panorama over Bergamo Bassa. And what about eating out? Well…the province of Bergamo has 10 Michelin awarded restaurants and of them 2 are in Bergamo Alta: foodies are very welcome here!

-          Brescia



Brescia should be a destination itself, not just a day-trip but we know that there is never enough time in a day! In any case, did you know that Brescia is a Roman city and that there are important Roman ruins to be seen? And this is just the first surprise. If you really want to understand the city, visit the Santa Giulia Museum which is included in the UNESCO heritage list and without any doubt one of the most beautiful museums we’ve seen so far. Seriously, where else can you find a museum which is built around a Longobard church, a Roman residential district and a medieval church? After leaving the museum, visit the ruins of the main Roman shrine: the Capitolium . Here,  you’ll be immersed back to the Augustan Age. There is still time for a peek  into the central Piazza della Loggia and the old Cathedral. My goodness, there is so much to see!

-          Pavia

Castello Visconteo (Pavia) by Giorgio Gonnella

Castello Visconteo (Pavia) by Giorgio Gonnella

Pavia is just less than 30 min from Milan by train. After arriving, getting to the city center is super easy: just go straight. When in doubt, just ask around. After few minutes you’ll be in the central Piazza della Vittoria, lined by elegant medieval buildings and…this is just the beginning! Turn left in Corso Strada Nuova have a coffee (with of course a pastry) in the historical Pasticceria Vigoni, located right in front of the university, one of the oldest in Italy, founded in 1361. Take a moment to explore the courtyards and the ancient library (one of the first public libraries  in the world!), then continue on to the Castello Visconteo, named after the dukes of Milan and after visiting it, come back to the center and visit the cathedral, the stunning church of San Michele Maggiore and finally relax by strolling along the Ticino river up to the Ponte Coperto (covered bridge).

-          Como and the lake



We didn’t want to be predictable putting this as first destination but…Como should be :-) , especially if you travel in spring or summer. The train station Como Lago is next to the city center, where a gate will introduce you to the heart of the famous lake town. Before diving into the city, consider taking a boat and explore other destinations in the area. One suggestion could be Varenna, a former fishermen’s village which is still colorful and picturesque. After your boat “tour” , enter the walled historical city center of Como and reach the lively Piazza Duomo, which is still nowadays the heart of the city, sit at the table of one of the bars overlooking the square and just enjoy the peaceful beauty. If you have time take the funicular to Brunate and enjoy the stunning view of the lake from above.

Well, what can we add…wear comfy shoes and have fun! :-)

How to get the tickets for museums and exhibitions in Milan and Venice

In this post about where to find  information about how to get the tickets for museums and exhibitions in Milan and Venice, we tried to put together a useful guide, since visiting an important city of art like Milan or Venice can be overwhelming…so many things to do, so many things to see.

Being well organized can help to save time, stress and sometimes also money. Have you just landed in one of these two cities? Well, don’t  panic and follow our tips…easy peasy!


Da Vinci Codex Atlanticus

Da Vinci Codex Atlanticus

Probably if you want to see all the museums of the city, you should spend at least a month in Milan, but since we guess you’ll be here for shorter time, have a look at this guide focused on museums and temporary exhibitions, where you can easily choose what to visit depending on your interests.

Yeah we know that leaving Milan without seeing the Last Supper can be frustrating, so in case you really want to admire the masterpiece painted by Leonardo da Vinci buy the tickets in advance through the official website.

Everything  sold out? We know the feeling but consider that there are other masterpieces by Leonardo in Milan like the engaging portrait “The Musician” kept in the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana or the collection of his sketches – aka  the Codex Atlanticus - which is split in two parts and visible in the Library of the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana and in the Sacristy of the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Moreover, if you are interested in Leonardo, stay tuned, since in spring will inaugurate the biggest exhibition ever dedicated to the genius of the Italian Renaissance.

Warning: insider tip! Did you know that inside the hall of the Banca Popolare di Milano there’s a reproduction of the Last Supper?

Duomo of Milan

Duomo of Milan

An experience we suggest not to miss is the Skip-the-Line Milan Duomo and Terrace Tour which makes you climb on the rooftop of the Duomo and see the city from above (but not only, since the tour combines also the visit to the interior of the cathedral and the archaeological site downstairs).




Delicious Venetian cicchetti

Delicious Venetian cicchetti

Italy is a small country and Venice is reachable from Milan in just over 2 hours by train but even if is so close, is a completely different world. Venice is the gate between the West and the East and for centuries has been the most powerful city in the world. The cultural heritage to this city is  enormous. A complete guide to the Venetian cultural offer can be found here.

Well, we know than the  biggest goal for travelers is to find local spots, mix with people living there and don’t feel like tourist and we also know that in Venice seems impossible but, trust us, if you go just around the corner and lose yourself, you can discover magical courtyards and find small places where you can have an ombra de vin (glass of wine in Venetian dialect) and eat some delicious cicchetti at a normal and sometimes even cheap price.

A good guide to find such places can be this one written by two collaborators of Hugo Pratt, a famous Italian and Venetian comic book creator and if you’ll buy it at the enchanting Libreria Acqua Altaconsidered one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world – you’ll appreciate it even more.

Ok, now we think that you’ve got everything to make your choices while visiting Milan and Venice and consider that on every first Sunday on the month in Italy all the national museums are free. That means that they will probably be busy, but it can be helpful if you’re travelling on a budget.

Have fun in Italy!

Meet Your Guide in Rome: Martina by Segway

We are rolling out a monthly “Meet Your Guide in Rome” section so you can get to know your friendly, knowledgeable Segway Tour Guides before you take one of our cultural, city guided Segway tours offered in Florence, Milan or Rome. If you have any more for us- let us know! Or ask us in person on one of the Segway Tours in Italy!

Meet Martina!

Meet Martina!

Name: Martina Sorrenti
Nationality and City of residence: Italian, Rome
Name of tour you lead and where: Imperial and Baroque Segway tours and Pizza food tour in Rome
If you are not from the city you are based in for tours, what originally brought you there?
I was born in Rome, but I lived in many places before coming back to Rome more or less 7 years ago. I had to follow my parents that had to move because of their job, so I moved to Guatemala and then back to Italy (Milan). When I came back to Rome I decided that I would  never move again, I love this city so much!
Martina Rome Segway 2Your favorite part of the tour: What I like about the Segway tour is that I can mix a historical part with the fun side of the segway.
Favorite Local Restaurant in your city: I really like Pizza at Chicco di Grano, that is where we also do the final part of our Pizza tour, and I love Pasta at the Restaurant “Trilussa” in Trastevere.
One thing visitors to my city can’t miss: Pizza and Gelato of course!! And a nice walk in the area of the Pantheon in the summer evenings.
Travel Mantra? What I usually say at the beginning of my tour is “Smile and be proud, you are in Rome!”
What’s next on your travel bucket list? I would really like to visit Guatemala, the place where I lived when I was 2 years old and that I don’t remember at all!
What is your favorite Italian city to travel to? I love to travel to Florence and to Naples and Sorrento.
Martina Roma GuidaWhat’s your best travel tip for those coming to visit Italy?
My suggestion is to take the country as it is, with its problems but also with its amazing beauties. What tourists must do is to understand our view and enjoy every small thing that our wonderful country can offer. It is true, public transportation is not working well, you can get lost because there are not correct
signs, we are often late, but behind these things is a wonderful world of colors, tastes and arts to discover at every corner.
What’s the food that someone must try in your city before leaving?
Pizza, Gelato and pasta “all’Amatriciana” that is my favorite.
What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had on one of your tours?
Probably it was when I did the tour with the Australian comedian Anh Do, it was very fun, but I tell you something that I always say during my tours: Each tour Is for me as a “small trip”, during which I can learn something about other countries  and share events of my own life with people of different cultures.
What do you like most about leading tours? I like to share our history and knowledge and learn about other cultures at the same time.
What makes your tour unique? Mmm … Me? Hihi :)

Stay tuned! Next month we will introduce you to one of our Segway Tour Guides in Milan! Would you like to take a Segway Tour in Rome with Martina on your future trip to Italy? Just send us a request!

Things to do in Milan with your kids

Yeah we know, we have already written a post concerning fun things to do in Milan with your kids but…trust us, there are more!

1.      A ride on the Tram.

Tram #1 (from google)

Tram #1 (from google)

Start with one of the symbols of the city, your kids will love this clattering, old-fashioned, yellow tram. Our suggestion is to get on the tram #1 at the metro station Caiazzo in direction P.za Castelli, stay on it for 15 stops passing in front of some highlights of the city like La Scala Opera House, and then get off right in front of the Simplon Gate. Once there you can decide to enter the Sempione Park and pretend to be knights and princesses in the Medieval Sforza Castle.

2.      Milan Segway Tour.

Milan Segway Tour

Milan Segway Tour

Are your kids at least 12 and taller than 60 inches (150cm)? Great! Then you can live an exciting three-hours experience together with your family: an engaging Milan Segway Tour to discover Milan. Wear the helmet, do the training and…go with one of our local guides! A funny, informative, safe ride is waiting for you! Extra tip: we provide also an engaging Milan Segway Night Tour!

3.      Childrenshare + EXPO.



An interesting project hosted at the Muba – Kids Museum, which as the site says, is a “cultural events program for children and their families on the core themes of EXPO Milano 2015”. And in case you still don’t know it, the core theme of EXPO Milano 2015 is…the food! Check out the program here and set the table!

Milan Food Tour

Milan Food Tour

4.      Milan Food Tour.

Have you ever considered to take a Food Walking Tour with your kids? Yep we’re not crazy, we know that kids can be picky but…they’re curious too and there’s no better way to show them the complexity of a culture and the history of a territory than through its food. We could resume the tour like this: a pleasant stroll through the charming district of Brera talking about food and Italian habits while having delicious and various bites. Does it sound interesting? Psst…watch the video!

5.     Parco della Villa Reale.

Picnic in the park (from google)

Picnic in the park (from google)

Did you know that in Milan there’s a hidden park where adults can enter only if accompanied by children? It’s the Garden of the Villa Reale, located right next to the metro station Palestro. You can come to this enchanting English-style garden to relax for a few hours of or even picnic with your kids.

Well, now you have a bunch of tips about things to do in Milan with your kids, Milan is (also) a city for happy families, enjoy it!

Some tips if you’re planning to visit the Expo 2015 in Milan

You’d like to visit the Expo 2015 in Milan, but you’re still confused? To make it easier, in this post you’ll find some tips if you’re planning to visit the Expo 2015 in Milan.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele  II Milan (from Google)

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Milan (from Google)

In this period the entire planet talks about Milan! Our beautiful city has been ranked as 2015’s #1 top destination by the New York Times and #3 by the Lonely Planet…not bad! Within a few months Milan will be shining, ready to embrace the expected 20 million of visitors, there’s no better moment to visit  Milan!

Expo site

Expo site

Remember, Expo will last 6 months, between May 1st and October 31st and the busiest months are expected to be the first and the last ones. First of all,  try to book your services in advance, flights  can be purchased on a cheaper rate and you can choose between a wider choice of accommodations.

Expo mascotte

Expo mascotte

Done? Now buy the Expo ticket! Tickets can be purchased directly through the official website and – good news – buying your tickets in advance, you get a 20% discount. You can choose between open date tickets for 32€ or for a fixed date for 27€!   To get to the city center, check out our post here, and to get to the site a transportation system is getting ready, as the website says: “The Site is easily accessible by international and local travelers alike through a highly connected transportation system”.

Milan Segway Tour

Milan Segway Tour

Ok, now that you know everything about Expo, start thinking about how to fill the other days in Milan! What’s better than beginning with a super cool 3 hour Milan Segway Tour? You’ll be introduced to highlights of the city by one of our enthusiastic guides and will have fun on the Segway!

We assume that if you’re interested in the Expo, you might be a foodie ;-) , so what’s better than to join a  Milan Food Walking Tour in the charming Brera district, strolling around tasting delicious food and talking with your local guide about  Italian culture.

The Duomo - Rooftop (from Google)

The Duomo – Rooftop (from Google)

There’s nothing more fascinating than seeing the city from above, climbing on the Cathedral’s Terraces and wandering through statues and gargoyles. Seize the opportunity by booking our latest tour, the Milan’s Duomo and Terraces Tour.

To visit the new, shining skyscraper district, we suggest you to book our Milan Segway Night Tour.

If you want to enter the Expo mood and see how the building of the site is  going on, then follow the official fanpage on Facebook, where you can see pictures of the works in progress directly  from Expo site!

See you at Expo Milano 2015!